Ashes to Diamonds

ashes_to_diamonds_featureMake me a diamond so you’ll always be with me…

When we pass many are choosing cremation. Aside from being cost-effective, one of the most popular reasons is that our loved ones are always with us. No travelling to the cemetery to visit. Relocation is a possibility as sometimes moving prevents us from easily visiting without geographical limitations to prevent future visits. Over time loved one’s ashes may be lost, misplaced, mistakenly discarded or otherwise at risk in many other ways.

Now there is a wonderful new and increasingly popular alternative solution that many people are turning to…transforming your loved ones ashes into an authentic, real diamond! What better way to honor your loved ones, even your pets, than to let their legacy live on by setting your diamond in beautiful heirlooms such as a ring, charm or whatever you can dream up that would best honor your loved one?

Diamonds are independently recognized as genuine by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Each and every diamond is certified for authenticity and comes with an appraisal showing the carat weight, overall dimensions, color, clarity, polish, symmetry and value.